CM Reference Rates

CM Reference Rates is a collection of reference rates quoted in U.S. dollars for key crypto assets that are published four times daily. Our rates serve as a transparent and independent pricing source that promote the functioning of efficient markets, reduce information asymmetries among market participants, and accelerate the adoption of crypto as an asset class with high standards.

Why CM Reference Rates?

CM Reference Rates are produced four times daily and represent a fixed pricing of one unit of an asset quoted in U.S. dollars for a wide selection of assets. Rates are calculated at the close of trading in New York, London, and Tokyo as well as midnight UTC time.

CM Reference Rates allow market participants to track digital asset portfolios, mark profits and losses, and benchmark against various assets.

Our rates are constructed using a robust methodology that adheres to international best practices, including the International Organization of Securities Commissions’s (IOSCO) Principles for Financial Benchmarks.

CM whitelists exchanges using an exchange selection framework that evaluates inclusion along a wide set of criteria to determine if the data source reflects trading activity in a transparent and representative manner.

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Features of CM Reference Rates

Rates for the most in-demand assets

We produce reference rates for over 100 of the top cryptoassets.

Powerful API access

Available through responsive REST API in JSON or other formats.

Rigorous Construction

Adheres to international best practices, including the OICU-IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks.

Transparent Methodology

CM publishes a regular report that includes the list of whitelisted exchanges for each rate, methods for selection, updates on selection, and rationale for changes.

Use Cases

  • Calculate precise net asset values (NAV) for assets in portfolios for accounting and tax purposes using a transparent and independent pricing source

  • Reduce information asymmetries and facilitate trading in financial contracts linked to the price of digital assets

  • Construct indexes and other investment vehicles

  • Backtest trading strategies, models, and systems using accurate pricing

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