CM Real Time Aggregate Price Index

The ultimate dataset for analyzing crypto assets. Track network trends, build valuation models, test hypotheses, develop macroeconomic research, or display data to your clients. CM Network Data Pro—Coin Metrics’ flagship data product—is a data feed of aggregate network data metrics for all of the top crypto assets.

Why CM Network Data Pro?

The foundation for building macroeconomic analysis, creating market scenarios, and testing investment strategies should be deep and broad.

Welcome to CM Network Data Pro, a data feed of crypto network data. It features full historical data aggregated daily for all the top assets with new assets and metrics added on regular release cycles.

Coin Metrics’ network data records all the operational and economic activity occurring on a crypto network that can be observed by running a full node. These data span the following categories: addresses, blockchain/digital ledger technology (DLT), flows, mining, fees and revenue, supply, transactions, and valuation.

Coin Metrics manages over 100 nodes and more than 10 terabytes of data with redundant backups of all nodes and databases.

We are currently accepting clients for its Early Access Program (EAP) to access CM Network Data Pro. This is a paid program with an initial contract period of 12 months.

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CM Network Data Pro Fact Sheet
CM Network Data Pro File Specification
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Features of CM Network Data Pro

The most comprehensive network dataset

Up to 100 assets and up to 200 metrics aggregated every hour our daily with full history back to chain launch.

Powerful API access

Access CM Network Data Pro through REST API in JSON or CSV formats.

Unique content

Includes dozens of CM original metrics including adjusted (to remove noise or artifacts), less or not gameable, and topline plus sub-component metrics. All value-based metrics include prices sourced from CM’s own fixings.

Dedicated Consulting and Onboarding Support

Our EAP includes dedicated tech support, up to 10 consulting hours, onboarding documents and feature request abilities to add new assets or metrics.

Use Cases

Macroinvesting / Fundamentals Analysis

  • Derive crypto Price-Earnings or Price-Book ratios
  • Build better benchmarks and key performance indicators
  • Identify and quantify real economic activity
  • Measure the strength and security of Sybil control mechanisms like proof of work (PoW) or proof of stake (PoS)

Trading Strategies

  • Track flows
  • Model short- or long-term supply and demand dynamics
  • Build quantitative/algorithmic trading strategies


  • Publish, sell, or educate with novel research
  • Understand the health and economics of crypto networks
  • Build complex simulation models

Investment Vehicle Construction

  • Use as inputs for fundamentals-weighted indexes
  • Identify networks with real usage

Data Provision

  • Construct better rankings
  • Incorporate network data into apps or dashboards
  • Create visual indicators

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