CM Community Network Data

Track network trends, build valuation models, test hypotheses, develop macroeconomic research, or display data to your users. Our community data feed provides key aggregate network data metrics for all of the top cryptoassets.

Use our free API

All of our community data is accessible for free via our community REST API. Our community data is provided under a Creative Commons license. See our Terms of Use for more details.

Are you an academic individual or institution interested in using our data for a public research product?  Contact us to discuss your project.

Our API documentation can be found here.

Network Data Charts

Explore the wide range of possible single and multi-asset metric charting capabilities in our on-line charting tool

Key Advantages

  • Access to all of our Community Data for charting
  • Powerful custom formula capability
  • Chart against key industry benchmarks

Correlation Charts

Create insightful correlation charts with single or multiple combinations of asset pairs

Capabilities include

  • Access to all of our Community data for charting
  • Detailed graphs that support simultaneous asset pairs
  • Easy to use interface for configuring graphs
  • Multiple correlation types supported


Data File Downloads

Download our historical community data in CSV format for any supported asset.

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