Community Network Data

Track network trends, build valuation models, test hypotheses, research macroeconomics, or display data to your users. Our community data provides key aggregate network data for many of the top crypto assets.

Use Our Data

All of our community data is accessible for free via our HTTP API data feed. No API key is needed.

Documentation for our community data API can be found here. Note that this API will be deprecated over the coming months and replaced with a new API with new endpoints but similar functionality and features. Future announcements will be made via our Twitter and blog.

Coin Metrics is committed to providing transparency and definition around all our methods and metrics. All our methods are being re-written and will be made available with the launch of the new API.

In addition to our API, you can access our data via charts or CSV data files.

Our community data are provided under a Creative Commons license. See our terms of use for more details.

Are you an academic interested in using our data for public research?

Contact us for access to our data or for collaboration.