CM Indexes / Calculation Agent Services

CM Indexes provide a comprehensive suite of single-asset and multi-asset index solutions trusted by leading crypto and traditional capital market institutions. Coin Metrics manages our own Coin Metrics Bletchley Indexes (CMBI) and provides calculation agent services for institutions seeking to administer their own custom index. 


Coin Metrics Bletchley Indexes (CMBI) are operated, calculated, and administered by Coin Metrics. As the leading and most comprehensive provider of network and market data in crypto, Coin Metrics is uniquely positioned to provide independent, transparent and high quality solutions to institutional investors.

Our founding suite of products includes single-asset indexes for Bitcoin (CMBI Bitcoin) and Ethereum (CMBI Ethereum). A market-cap-weighted top 10 and regulated asset index will be soon to follow.

As an independent Index Administrator, Coin Metrics strives to set the industry standard regarding quality, transparency and investability of CMBI products. Further, we strive to continually anticipate new industry opportunities and innovate to provide investors with the information they require to make the smartest investment decisions.


Why Our Calculation Agent Services?

For clients who want their own custom methodology with administrative control, Coin Metrics provides professional-grade calculation agent services. Our service includes provision of real-time and close index levels, historical price and returns, API delivery, monthly reporting, as well as fork legitimacy support and recommendations.

The CMBI Difference

Leaders in innovation

Coin Metrics’ unique Index and Reference Rate Methodologies as well as policies such as the CMBI Fork Legitimacy Policy demonstrate expertise in applying traditional capital market principles to cryptoasset markets

Fully internally sourced data

Our indexes are built using Coin Metrics’ own market leading network and market data services


Coin Metrics does does not trade its underlying component securities and does not directly make its indexes open to investors


Our indexes adhere to best practices including the IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks
Coin Metrics’ index methodologies are publicly available

Use Cases

Build structured financial products

Serve as settlement price for derivative products

Benchmark performance

Develop customized index products tailored to specific requirements

Research and backtest asset management strategies