CM Network Data Pro

The ultimate on-chain dataset for analyzing cryptoassets. Track macro trends, build valuation models or trading strategies, or monitor blockchain health and activity in real-time. CM Network Data Pro is a data feed of aggregate network data metrics for all of the top cryptoassets.

Why CM Network Data Pro?

Gaining insights from blockchain data is a full-fledged operation.  Full or archive nodes need to be maintained, extractors must pull and store raw node data, and complex algorithms must be constructed to aggregate the data to make it actionable.

Eliminate the burden of your institution running nodes and trying to structure actionable metrics, and allow your team to focus on what’s really important: sourcing insights and making decisions.  

CM Network Data Pro features full historical on-chain data for the top cryptoassets aggregated at the end of each day (in our Daily Macro feed) or every block in real-time (in our Block-by-Block feed).

Network Data Visualization Tool

Our Network Data Visualization Tool allows for easy exploration of our on-chain data. Select multiple assets and metrics to identify trends and insights.  Leverage our powerful formula builder to transform your data series. Download your charts as PNGs or export your data to CSV or XLS files. And, save your charts for later or share them with others.

Excel Add-In

Our official Excel Add-in lets you easily pull Coin Metrics data directly into an Excel worksheet. It is one of several options for accessing our data and makes it easy to incorporate Coin Metrics data into pre-existing Excel workflows. Simply choose the asset(s), metrics(s), and time range you would like to analyze and the add-in calls our API and inserts the data into Excel. The add-in can be used with both our Pro and Community API. It currently covers our Network Data. 

Features of CM Network Data Pro

Two different frequencies

  • Get data in real-time (block-by-block) or end-of-day
  • Comprehensive

  • 250+ metrics for 60+ assets
  • Full history going back to network genesis
  • Easy access

  • Accessible through REST and Websocket API
  • Includes access to our Network Data Visualization Tool and CM Excel Add-in
  • Unique metrics

  • Features difficult-to-source data such as realized cap, coin age, on-chain exchange flows, wealth distribution bands and more
  • New assets and metrics added in regular release cycles
  • Use Cases

    Build and backtest trading strategies

    Derive risk or valuation models

    Monitor market conditions and predict bubbles

    Develop complex network health, economic or security simulations

    Use as inputs for novel indexes or structured products

    Display data in your fintech or trading to differentiate your product