CM Bletchley Indexes (CMBI)

The Coin Metrics Bletchley Indexes (CMBI) are designed for investors to develop an accurate understanding of the crypto asset market and to inform investment processes. CMBI products have been purpose built as a performance benchmark, the basis of investable products and for research purposes. To meet various customer and business needs, CMBI will offer end-of-day, historical and real-time index data.


Coin Metrics have created an innovative suite of indexes, ranging from large cap to small cap, to serve as leading benchmarks for the crypto asset industry. As the leading and most comprehensive end-to-end data and research solution in crypto, Coin Metrics is best positioned to provide independent and transparent solutions to institutional investors. 

In the nascent crypto asset ecosystem, Coin Metrics strives to set the industry standard regarding quality, transparency and investability of its founding suite of CMBI products. Further, we strive to continually anticipate new industry opportunities and innovate to provide investors with the information they require to make the smartest investment decisions.

Indexes can be used as performance benchmarks and /or the basis of financial products such as index funds, derivatives and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

We are currently accepting clients for its Early Access Program (EAP) to access CM Network Data Pro. This is a paid program with an initial contract period of 12 months.

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The CMBI Difference

High quality input data

Coin Metrics built, maintains, operates and owns all of the data that informs index construction, from the Network Data that informs supply metrics to the market data used to price index constituents.


Coin Metrics is a data company with no investment exposure to or any direct interest in any crypto asset.


All of Coin Metrics pricing data is transparent constructed in line with IOSCO principles.



Use Cases

Financial Product Construction

CMBI products provide financial asset managers with the required information to develop financial instruments that provide a level of exposure that meets differing investor risk profiles.

Performance Benchmark

CMBI products span a variety of return and risk profiles that can act as an informative tools for managers and investors to benchmark performance against.


Coin Metrics data is a trusted source of crypto asset data, used by academia, industry reporters and media. CMBI will be no different and provide cross asset class data for industry researchers.


CMBI products provide specific crypto asset market data that can act as the foundation for a wide range of financial products. By licencing CMBI products, financial institutions, asset managers and investors are provided the information required to:

  • Mimic and track the performance of a specific profile of crypto assets that meets the customer’s risk profile.
  • Develop benchmarks to measure the performance and risk adjusted returns of actively managed portfolios.

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