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Coin Metrics was founded in 2017 as an open-source project to provide the public with actionable and transparent network data. Today, Coin Metrics delivers market and network data and analytics to the community and to financial institutions, trading desks, media and research outlets, and data or application providers.


Our mission is to provide transparent and actionable asset market and network data



We are on the verge of a global transition towards economies that are more open, transparent, and decentralized. Public blockchains and other crypto-backed networks are the key innovation behind this transition. And just as these networks themselves are open, so too should be the economic and network activity information behind them. Open data will empower the public to better understand, value, use, and ultimately steward public crypto networks. Coin Metrics will strive for unparalleled openness and transparency in our data, research, methods, and ideas.


Data itself is neutral. It is only in its interpretation and presentation where bias can be found. Coin Metrics believes in letting data tell its story. We will always be neutral in the derivation of our metrics and in their analysis and reporting.


Today there exists hundreds of crypto networks and thousands of assets. Understanding their unique economics and participant activity is challenging. This is why we believe in clarity. Clarity in purpose. Clarity in method. In interpretation. And in action.


If we are not creating, innovating, and discovering, we will not be satisfied with ourselves and don’t expect others to be satisfied with us. Our goal is to set industry standards for how we name, organize, and think about crypto networks and their assets.


Our data is designed for accessibility and actionability. Before we create a metric, we seek to understand it–what it’s telling us, why it’s important, how it can be used. This is a never-ending process of learning and discovery. It excites us and drives us. And we know it will drive you too.

Our Customers

Our customers span a wide range of product and service providers in the crypto industry.
They include large financial institutions, exchanges, funds, family offices, media outlets, research desks,
consultancies and fintech data or application providers.

Some of our partners include


The Team

Tim Rice
Cofounder, CEO
Jacob Franek
Cofounder, COO
Aleksei Nokhrin
Cofounder, CTO
Alexander Bich
Cofounder, Chief Architect
Nic Carter
Cofounder, Board Chairman
Antoine Le Calvez
Lead Data Engineer
Kevin Liu
Lead Data Scientist
Kerry Yndestad
Advisory Board
Jaume Pernas
Senior Software Engineer
Michael Mikhaylov
Lead Software Engineer

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